Playboy Plus Launches LSTV Channel in Asia via AsiaSat 5

Playboy Plus Launches LSTV Channel in Asia via AsiaSat 5Asia Satellite Telecommunications Co. Ltd. (AsiaSat), Asia’s leading satellite operator today announced that Playboy Plus Entertainment Inc. has launched a new satellite channel ‘LifeStyle TV’ (LSTV) on AsiaSat 5 following the successful launch of “HD Playboy Asia” last year on the same satellite.
LSTV, the first men’s lifestyle TV channel in Asia, offers content on travel, cuisine, adventure and fashion. Targeting Asian men, aged 18-38, LSTV’s key titles include fashion programmes led by TV Stars Cho Sung Mo, and haute cuisine cooking by celebrities Chang Min (2AM) and Alex Chu from South Korea.
“We are excited to make this strategic move to expand our distribution service in Asia with the launch of LSTV on AsiaSat 5. LSTV is our second channel on AsiaSat 5’s powerful DVB-S2 platform,” said Ms. Lanny Huang, General Manager, Asia Pacific of Playboy Plus Entertainment. “Leveraging on AsiaSat 5’s premium video neighborhood and excellent penetration in Asia, we are working to expand our reach and provide LSTV’s unique content on a growing number of Asian TV networks.”
William Wade, President and CEO of AsiaSat said, “We are very pleased that Playboy Plus Entertainment has decided to launch its second channel on AsiaSat 5. Their growing commitment is a testament to AsiaSat’s focus on delivering competitive and effective solutions to international broadcasters to meet their present and future distribution needs.”
The encrypted LSTV is uplinked to AsiaSat 5 (100.5 degrees East) from AsiaSat’s Tai Po Earth Station in Hong Kong, through a C-band DVB-S2 MCPC platform for distribution to over 50 countries across Asia, the Middle East and Australasia.

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