PTA advertises for 3G consultants

PTA advertises for 3G consultantsPTA has advertised in the international media for the consultant(s), as the government is keen to introduce 3G technology in Pakistan through transparent auction. The 3G technology promises great revenues for the Government of  and cellular operators.

“The advertisement in the international media was made after the policy directive was issued by the government.”

The emphasis on the international consultant(s) is because in Pakistan there is lack of expertise when it comes to 3G technology, the government need such consultant(s) which has/have prior experience of such “successful” ventures.

The consultant(s) will help the government and PTA in the process of auction, it will look after the financial technical, legal and economic matters affiliated with the process of the auction of 3G Spectrum technology.  Furthermore the PTA needs the International consultant(s) to assist in Spectrum valuation, auction design and process management.

It is apposite to mention here that the government has deliberated in the budget of 2013 to earn revenue about $800 million to $1 billion from the next generation spectrum auction. The process is expected to complete by March 2014.

The process of 3G auction started with nominations of Dr Ismail Shah, PTA’s Acting-Chairman and member Technical, and Tariq Sultan as member finance, after the warning issued to the government by the Apex Court.

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