PTCL Announces Net Profit of Rs.4.972 billion for 9 months ended 31st March

Islamabad: Pakistan Telecommunication Company Limited (PTCL) today has announced its financial results for 9 months ended 31st March 2011 and has earned net profit of Rs. 4.972  billion with an earning per share of Rs. 0.97.for the same period.

During this period PTCL has continued its strategy of innovation and futuristic growth. By developing new sources of income, on the commercial side, the growth momentum of PTCL remained strong in emerging segments of Broadband and Corporate Services. PTCL remained focused on its strategy by providing multiple solutions to the business and household market segments and extending vital services to other telecom operators in Pakistan. PTCL has special emphasis on high level of customer satisfaction. PTCL network has a number of technologies that work together to provide every possible solution a client could need. It also allows the company to meet the rapidly changing and new emerging technology requirements.

President & CEO PTCL Walid Irshaid commenting on the results said, “I am pleased to announce that we remained focused on our strategy of positioning PTCL as the leading integrated telecom company in Pakistan providing multiple solutions to business and household market segments and extending vital services to other telecom operators in Pakistan”. He said “we remain highly conscious of the fact that our success and growth can only come from satisfied customers and it remains our challenge to provide friendly, seamless and prompt customer’s service”.

“To this end, we endeavor to embark on several new projects intended to bring PTCL closer to the customers”, he further said, adding that “we strongly believe that PTCL is poised to grow and remain the leading and dominant integrated telecom service provider of choice for customers throughout Pakistan”.

PTCL success can be evaluated from the fact that PTCL’s Broadband service is the largest and the fastest growing Broadband service with now over 575,000 customers using its DSL broadband services in over 1000 cities and towns across Pakistan.  In the quarter ending March 2011, PTCL increased its Broadband DSL market share to almost 90 percent.  In addition to this, the Broadband DSL business started contributing over half a billion rupees of monthly revenue to the company’s account, making it the highest growth revenue stream in the entire product portfolio of PTCL.

The first quarter of 2011 marked PTCL’s Landline services focusing on promotions to increase landline usage and capture interest of its subscriber base. Bonanza promotion was launched to boost on-net usage. World Cup quiz competition commenced with the launch of the Cricket World cup and special promotional tariffs were announced for calls to India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka. In addition Pakistan package attractiveness has been boosted by increasing 100 minutes and bundling with 100 kehdo SMS.

The last two quarters of the fiscal year marked the launch of two innovative products, first was the launch of Rev B “EVO 3G Nitro”, making PTCL and Pakistan the global pioneers in the industry; while this quarter marked the country’s most innovative launch, “EVO Wi-Fi- Cloud” — Pakistan’s first and smartest mobile Wi-Fi device.

“PTCL CS&PD wing continued its legacy of success in the 3rd quarter. All the three zones contributed significantly by closing large deals with high value corporate clients. PTCL has also reciprocated this trust with great excitement and has always been a step ahead of others in providing state of the art ICT services like Data Centers, TelePresence, Unified Communication, VSAT, wireless Bridges, MPLS, surveillance and many other managed and hosted services.

The Contact Centers and Customer Care centers of PTCL have been striving to ensure that Customers are facilitated by ensuring timely and expeditious management of their queries and complaints in the 3rd quarter as well. Units of Customer Care and Contact Centers have been trained to ensure that they provide “One window” solution to all customer needs. Front desk staffs at One Stop Shops are being assessed and retrained and Contact Centers are being empowered and strengthened to manage customer needs efficiently and effectively.

The management and employees of PTCL remain committed to provide quality services at competitive prices through optimal use of resource for achieving enhanced revenue and greater levels of customer satisfaction as well as improved shareholders’ value.

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