Qatar: Fiber-optic broadband provides best Internet speed in region

Qatar: The launch of Qatar Fiber-Optic Broadband Network Company will play key role in laying the new future for information and communication technology (ICT) sector and boost technical businesses and knowledge-based economy, experts said.

Establishing fiber-based infrastructure raises the internet speed to 100 mega per second and develops internet-based TV, digital content and technology -based ventures, they said. The broadband network supports national strategy looking to transform Qatar to one of the best regional and international countries in terms of ICT and provides new technological services to internet users, said Adel Al Mutawa, Executive Director of Qtel Group Communications.

The new broadband generation will enhance education and health sectors initiatives. Schools will be able to highly accelerate the download of enormous amounts of educational materials, and hospitals and health centers can highly access the best medical applications, he said.

The fiber-optic project is in tune of Qtel strategy allowing customers to download programmes, movies and games with larger capacity at home, and provide high clarity watching of digital TV and video on demand. Qtel works in association with providers of new generation of technological services to spread home -based fiber-optic network and develop new entertainment means to provide satellite services and integrated services on demand.

The project establishes new generation of “smart home” based on information technology and provides new service of smart security and digital display devices for buildings. Business sector will be able to download more developed applications and programmes, easily update businesses to boost the national economy, said Fahad Al Hamady, founder of Qatar Bibliography site.

Qatar will enjoy best Internet speed in the region via broadband network and the fiber-based technological businesses will highly grow, he added. LS Cable company was authorised to establish Vodafone fiber-optic network linked to the national broadband network to provide high-speed information transfer and high quality communication for individuals and corporate. Al Cattle le Cent Company, Vodafone partner, was authorised to expand fiber-optic network of mobile and land phone to provide innovative and wide range of mobile and land phones new services, said Jene Howy, Head of Vodafone Technology Division.

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