Qtel customers urged to join Ebill promotion

More than 60,000 customers in Qatar have already chosen to switch from paper bills to Qtel’s innovative Ebill service, making an important contribution to the environment.
The Ebill service sends a PDF bill to customers’ e-mail addresses, eliminating the need for a paper bill. By removing the need to send paper bills to thousands of customers, Qtel has been able to reduce the amount of paper used by the company, cutting down on the resources required and energy.
To encourage customers to take this important step, Qtel will be giving away one million Nojoom points in December.
Customers who switch to Ebill will be entered into a weekly draw to win one of the 25 weekly prizes of 10,000 Nojoom points. They will also be entered into a Grand Draw for a chance to win the star prize of 100,000 Nojoom points. In addition, two customers will win 50,000 points each and three customers will each win 25,000 points.
Qtel is urging all its customers to sign up for Ebill before December 22, when it moves all remaining paper bill customers to paperless options. Paper bills will still be available after this date, but customers will be charged a fee of QR5 per bill if they wish to continue receiving them.
All funds raised by this charge will be re-invested in Qtel’s pioneering e-Waste Recycling programme, which offers a convenient disposal point for unwanted electronic goods for all of Qatar.
Qtel has extended the period for customers to voluntarily make the switch in response to the incredible public support the programme has received.
To switch to Ebill, customers can send a free SMS from their Shahry number of the same account they wish to switch with “EBe-mail IDQID Number” (e.g. EB 123456789) to 114, receive a verification message of the e-mail ID supplied, and be immediately switched to the Ebill upon confirmation.
Alternatively, customers can select the Ebill option and provide their e-mail ID in their Account Page on the eQtel website, or they can call 111 and provide their Qatar ID details to do so. Customers can even switch over in Qtel Shops across the country.

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