Qualcomm launches Vehicle Inspection Report application

Qualcomm has launched the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) application, which provides fleets with closed-loop process for completing vehicle inspection reports. VIR enables fleets improve the accuracy of vehicle inspection reports and focus on the inspection elements and requirements identified by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). By automating the vehicle inspection process with prompts and error detection, fleets can reduce errors, enable complete reports and manage the defect resolution process. The VIR application also can enable fleets check that inspection reports and maintenance are completed in a timely manner through reporting tools that indicate units that have not recorded a vehicle inspection report in the past 24 hours and vehicles with unresolved reported defects. VIR sends alerts when defects are identified in vehicle inspection reports, and records feedback and remediation history on reports for previously identified defects. VIR produces accuracy by providing separate inspection forms for trailer and vehicle. Each inspection report includes information on relevant time, location, driver and vehicle data, and the application records vehicle inspection report history for 90 days. VIR allows fleets to control user access and editing features for vehicle inspection reports, and provides search, edit, data exporting and printing features. Drivers can access VIR through Qualcomm’s Hours of Service (QHOS) application, or as a stand-alone application. VIR is scheduled to be commercially available in late this year.

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