Redtone IoT and Unified Inbox partner to integrate IoT devices with Social Media

REDtone IOT Sdn Bhd (REDtone IOT) and Unified Inbox Pte Ltd (Unified Inbox) are collaborating to integrate REDtone IOT’s CitiSense Smart City IoT solution together with Unified Inbox’s UnificationEngine™ IoT Messaging capabilities to enable products and software to communicate with people and things.

According to REDtone IOT Chief Executive Officer Dr Mazlan Abbas, the partnership is set to enhance its CitiSense platform with new smart city/smart nation Internet of Things (IoT) capabilities which will increase cities’ safety, efficiency and resiliency.


“The most exciting area of innovation being driven by IoT right now is smart cities and governments. Some of the innovative uses of IoT Messaging for governments here in Asia include UnificationEngine-powered technology for jobs requiring execution, service level and completion alerts, and Unified Inbox’s SHOUT emergency broadcast platform for mission-critical communications.

“These are great examples of how Unified Inbox and REDtone IOT’s collaboration will help make cities safer and more enjoyable for citizens and visitors alike,” said Dr Mazlan in a statement to the media.

REDtone IOT connects things and aggregates their data to the cloud, transforming businesses and governments by delivering actionable insights. The company, a subsidiary of REDtone International Bhd, recently won the 2016 Frost & Sullivan Malaysia Innovative Smart City Solution Provider of the Year award.

Unified Inbox Chief Executive Officer Toby Ruckert echoed Dr Mazlan’s remarks on the IoT Messaging solutions resulting from the partnership making cities everywhere more secure. “This integration will increase cities’ safety, efficiency, and resiliency, both across Asia and around the world. Citizens and visitors alike will now be able to communicate with all of their different connected devices on the communications channels they use most including email, SMS, social media, chat/messaging apps, website content management systems, outdoor screens and projectors and more.

“REDtone IOT is Asia’s leader in smart city IoT technologies, and a valuable Unified Inbox partner. Integrating REDtone IOT’s IoT platform with Unified Inbox’s IoT Messaging platform will enable citizens everywhere to talk to their local and national governments on the communications channels they use every day, just as they would any other contact in their smartphone’s address book,” said Ruckert.

He added, “SHOUT meets the safety and security needs of public institutions who require the capability to transmit emergency multi-channel broadcast communications on demand. Target users include federal and municipal government agencies, transportation authorities and schools and universities. We also see private institutions such as hotels and resorts, amusement and theme parks, conference and event centers and large corporate campuses using SHOUT to give them the capabilities for mission-critical communications.”


Concluded Dr Mazlan, “Sadly, every day around the world lives are lost in both natural and man-made disasters. From tsunamis to terrorism, earthquakes to oil spills, SHOUT provides governments, schools, and institutions with an easy way to instantly broadcast emergency messages on all of their communications channels. Imagine the day when your everyday IOT devices can save the lives of millions of people by communicating through social media.”