Huawei to align visions to meet the digital world demands at SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit 2017

Huawei to release its annual Global Connectivity Index (GCI) and organize Cloud and UBB forums under the theme ‘Shape the Cloud-Win the Future’

Huawei is participating at the 2017 SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit held in Dubai on 30 April, 2017. Along with telecom leaders and influencers in the private and government sectors, Huawei will discuss industry opportunities, challenges, and trends at the one day event.

Held under the theme ‘Shape the Cloud-Win the Future’, Huawei will explore how a better connected society has a positive impact on a country’s economy, look at scenarios that drive ICT development, and discover where some Middle East countries stands within its journey to connectivity through the launch of Huawei Global Connectivity Index (GCI). The index serves as an indicator of which countries are best poised for development and growth, and an ICT planning reference for policymakers looking to embrace the digital economy.

Huawei will also hold two other forums at the SAMENA Telecom Leaders’ Summit; the first is the ‘Cloud Business Forum’ in which Huawei will team up with operators to embark on the value-driven ROADS to new growth, discuss the impact of cloud computing on digital transformation, and discuss how cloud industry participants can collaborate and learn from one another to build a win-win world and a better industry environment for all. The second forum is the ‘Ultra-Broadband Summit’, which will highlight growth opportunities for telcos in the video sphere that are brought on by the implementation of ultra-broadband networks, and how Huawei will Enable Telco‘s video business in many ways.


“As we enter a fully connected era, digital infrastructure continues to facilitate economic growth,” said Charles Yang, President of Huawei Middle East. “The telecoms industry is in a crucial stage of digital transformation as new technologies emerge to drive a high quality user experience. The digital age is dawning and the potential opportunities for the telecoms industry, which is the primary enabler of industry digitization, are beyond our imagination. Our participation at this Summit is a reflection of Huawei’s keenness to listen, share and contribute to the telecom industry by sharing its Open ROADS strategy for a Better Connected World, in addition to cloudification as the key driver and future success trend of digital transformation, thus we have introduced the “All Cloud” strategy, which focuses on delivering a ROADS experience, to shape the cloud, and win the future.”


“Today’s industry leaders are looking for a clear roadmap on how to best accelerate digital adoption to drive growth across the region,” said Bocar BA, CEO of SAMENA Council.  “This can be done more efficiently when we, as an industry, align our visions and take a collaborative focus on the development of the digital technologies and work together to enable the whole region to participate in the digital transformation. We are excited that Huawei is hosting the Leaders’ Summit once again, as we work together to identify a common roadmap for all stakeholders to share and contribute to.”

Huawei continues to invest heavily in research and development (R&D) as part of its vision of building a better connected the world. Earlier this month, Huawei reported an investment of USD 11 billion in R&D in 2016. The company’s overall 2016 annual revenue is USD 75.1 billion, an increase of 32% over 2015.