Samsung Electronics Levant and United Pioneering Businesses sign agreement

Samsung Electronics Levant and United Pioneering Businesses sign agreementSamsung Electronics Levant and United Pioneering Business (UPB) signed an agreement to supply American Excellence School (AES) with the DVM S System, Samsung’s latest Air Conditioning System launched in the region.

The agreement was signed with the presence of Mr. Jerry Kim, from Samsung Electronics Levant, Eng. Shadi Zahran from United Pioneering Business (UPB), and Mr. Raed Melhem, American Excellence School Principle. The American Excellence school is located in Dabouq area, the project occupies a four thousand square meters, with a total of 280 tons.

Mr. Jerry Kim, head of the air-conditioning unit at Samsung Electronics Levant, commented by saying: “Signing such vital projects for Samsung Electronics in Jordan reflects the new system’s high quality offered by Samsung and indicates consumers’ confidence from the various sectors. Samsung DVM S system fulfills its consumers’ needs, while attaining high standards of energy conservation through the Full Inverter Compressor.”

Engineer Shadi Zahran, Head of the Central Air Conditioning Department at UPB said: “We are delighted to supply the American Excellence School, as it signifies the great success that we have achieved through our partnership with Samsung Electronics, and demonstrates the product’s quality, and UPB’s High level of service. And we look forward for more achievements that meet the consumers’ growing needs.”

The new central air conditioning systems features Samsung’s “Full Inverter Compressor” technology, in addition to the smart controlling features that include: Auto Commissioning and Management (ACM), as this feature shortens the cooling time considerably from 180 minutes to 50 minutes providing automated real time management, allowing the users to review data reports, making its maintenance easier, less time consuming and saves money with its ability to connect with the system via WiFi channels.

DVM S system units come in small design for the internal and external units in comparison with other manufacturers, utilizing a small space with higher performance, while providing different temperatures in different areas.

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