Samsung Electronics Levant celebrates Mother’s Day

Samsung Electronics Levant celebrates Mother’s DaySamsung Electronics Levant, a global leader in digital media and convergence technologies, sponsored a special event celebrating Mother’s Day, where part of the proceeds will be go to the support of Training And Rehabilitation Charitable Society For Girls With Disability.

Honoring mothers, Samsung Electronic Levant team welcomed the guests at the ceremony which was held at the Millennium Hotel Amman to celebrate Mother’s Day and the International Women’s Day in recognition of their continuous generous spirit, hosting Jordanian actress Amal Al Dabbas and members of the Jordanian society.

Mr. Fadi Abu Shamat, Sr. Manager Head of Retail & Corporate marketing at Samsung Electronics Levant commented on this occasion by saying: “We are delighted today to be a part of this ceremony and honor our guests in two dear occasions: The International Women’s Day and Mother’s Day, as we thank them for their efforts, and express our utmost respect and appreciation to all of them”

“We hope that we have added a memorable touch to the occasion, in addition to offering valuable information about Samsung electronics’ devices, and we believe that mothers are an important part of the Samsung Electronics Levant family”, he added.

The event continued with various interactive entertainment segments, as Samsung gave the opportunity for many of the attendees to win valuable prizes through an enjoyable contest and exciting questions. While the Audio Visual Unit and the Home Appliances unit showcased presentations about the latest home appliances and home entertainment devices, which ranked number one for eight consecutive years.

Jordanian singer Tawfiq Al Dalu, delivered an enjoyable performance for the attendees. And in conclusion, guests received a special gift chosen by Samsung Electronics Levant to reflect the importance of this occasion.

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