Samsung Electronics Levant holds “Note 3 Art Gallery” for Jordanian Artist Samer Al Kurdi

  Samsung ,Electronics ,Levant , “Note 3 Art Gallery” , Jordanian, Artist ,Samer Al KurdiSamsung Electronics Levant, a global leader in digital media and digital convergence technologies, celebrated the launch of “Note 3 Art Gallery” by Jordanian artist Samer Al Kurdi, which was held at the Jordan National Gallery of Fine Arts, for 3 days in the presence of media representatives and fellow of artists.

Supporting Samer Al Kurdi’s talent and creativity, Samsung Electronics Levant organized the “Note 3 Art Gallery”, which includes (Limited Edition Prints), whereby all the paintings were drawn using Samsung GALAXY Note smartphone, and the latest edition of the Note series the GALAXY Note 3 as well.

Mr. Fadi Abu Shamat, Head of Corporate Marketing at Samsung, commented on the gallery by saying:  ”What artist Samer Al Kurdi has achieved, is the essence of what Samsung Electronics wishes to grant its consumers with, to help them unleash their creativity wherever they are. And this gallery is a testament on the success of the Note series set objectives; being the tool that users can utilize to achieve what they want freely without obstacles”.

“And we hope that the new technologies that Samsung Electronics innovate, will inspire others to follow their passion, and help them elevate their daily lives and make tasks easier and more enjoyable”, he added.

Samer Kurdi was able to combine his passion for arts and his work and interest in technology through the Samsung GALAXY Note smartphone, as he has been able to innovate by drawing on the device directly without being bounded by obstacles such as not being at the art studio or the lack of drawing materials. The inspiration was his companion wherever he was. Samsung Note smartphone was able to simulate art tools and methods, such as the brush movement and the colors blending on the screen, mimicking the natural colors, which is similar to Samer’s expressionist painting style.

Samer Kurdi was able in a short period from his first use of the GALAXY Note till today with the latest GALAXY Note 3 to complete a number of distinctive expressive paintings.

Samsung ,Electronics ,Levant , “Note 3 Art Gallery” , Jordanian, Artist ,Samer Al Kurdi