Samsung leads the global TV market for the sixth year

Samsung Electronics, a global leader in technology, has been on top of the global TV market for almost six consecutive years now. This winning streak has continued since 2006. According to a report by a global research firm – “DisplaySearch” ; Samsung took 21.9 percent share (in terms of dollars) in the total TV market in the first quarter, keeping its global No. 1 position for 21 straight quarters starting from the first quarter in 2006.

Samsung accounts for 22.2 percent in flat panel TVs and 21.4 percent in LCD TVs, which made the company secure its No. 1 position for 21 and 13 quarters in row respectively. The global TV market leader also maintained its top brand position with 24.5 percent market share in LED TVs.

Samsung Pakistan’s General Manager, Mr. Hee Chang Yee said; “Samsung has led the global TV market, creating new premium categories such as LED TV in 2009 and 3D TV in 2010. With our flagship product, Smart TV, we will continue to provide a new TV experience to consumers, aiming to become the global No.1 brand for the sixth consecutive year.”

Samsung strengthened its unparalleled brand leadership not only in developed markets such as North America, and Western Europe, but also in emerging markets such as Eastern Europe, South America, the Middle East, and Africa with the No.1 market share in flat panel TVs, and LCD TVs as well as in the total TV category. In this quarter, Samsung marked “Quintuple 20,” an unprecedented record with around 20 percent market share in five market categories, including total, flat panel, LCD, PDP, and LED TVs.

Even in the midst of fiercer competition in 3D TV than last year, Samsung accounts for the largest market share with 34.1 percent, further solidifying its leadership in 3D TV in 2011. The overall global TV market in the first quarter came in at 54.54 million units. The flat panel TV market grew by 8.8 percent to 47.9 million units and the LCD TV market grew by 9 percent to reach 44.25 million units, compared to the same period last year.

In terms of sales units, Samsung sold 8.87 million flat panel TVs, and 7.8 million LCD TVs internationally. It took up the largest market share with 17.8 percent in the total TV market, 18.5 percent in flat panel TV, 17.6 percent in LCD TV and 19.9 percent in LED TV.

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