Saudi Telecom provides high level of services to its customers

STC continues its drive to reinforce its market leadership in Broadband services by uniquely providing the highest level of services to its customers and availing comprehensive internet solutions to the customers’ homes with just one phone call, add to that supporting these services with full technical support for customers free of charge and round the clock all week long thus ensuring best use of broadband services provided by the Company and at the same time making their lives easier.

STC is offering high speed internet services that enable customers to browse the internet at very high speeds using its advanced wired and wireless networks with speeds reaching 100 mega on the FTTH network and 42 mega on the 3G network making it the first to offer these services and offering full use of these unique features.

Eng. Saad Dhafer Al-Qahtani, Vice President of Home Services, confirmed that STC has achieved a major milestone over other telecom operators by uniquely providing free after-sales services, a step to reflect the Company’s keenness in providing high level services that meet the needs of millions of customers from different segments and at the same time achieves their desires in subscribing to a specialized internet network that is different from what is currently available in the market.

Al-Qahtani also highlighted the success of STC’ customer centric strategy and its quest to provide the best integrated modern services to them indicating that the Company will continue dedicating both its financial and technical resources to provide the best comprehensive technical support that matches the Company’s market position as the best and largest telecommunications operator in the region. At the same time, this aims to achieve a high level of customer satisfaction and meets the customers’ ambitions enabling them to enjoy comprehensive and quick solutions while at the same time addresses all technical issues they may face with a high response rate using a new and advanced approach.

Eng. Al-Qahtani added that STC is the only operator in the Saudi market that uniquely delivers comprehensive internet services used “ma3ak” package to the customers’ homes and is the only provider that delivers after-sales services with great care using a team of highly specialized and qualified professionals possessing special skills in broadband technology to install it for fee and without any additional fees billed to customers.

The Home Sector VP also explained that STC is the first company to establish a specialized center providing technical support to the various Home Broadband packages (906) which is the first and most advanced center of its kind in the Middle East specializing in technical support and maintenance for internet and Broadband services round the clock managed by a technical teams who are specialized in internet technology and the various networks such as FTTH, VDSL, and XDSL. These specialized technicians have been trained and qualified especially for this service and have been equally trained on interactive television (Invision) services round the clock. STC is also the first Company to avail a special team to offer maintenance services for internet networks in the home.

STC has launched various technical support initiatives for its customers using various channels that include Online Chat, Blackberry, Facebook, Twitter, and is re-launching these channels with 3000 vehicles, 3000 technicians, and 5000 specialized and qualified resources to provide free and comprehensive solutions for all electronic obstacles that may affect customers thus enabling them to enjoy the services provided and their features by the Company.

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