Social media workshop presented by Nawras at Muscat Youth Summit 2011

Nawras, Oman’s customer friendly communications provider, supported the recent Muscat Youth Summit 2011 by interacting with the delegates in a pleasingly different way.  This innovative company’s presentation focused on illustrating the power and platforms of social media that young people can harness for positive results.

Raed Dawood, Nawras Department Head – Business Development and Nourhan Beyrouti, Nawras Head of Branding, pointed out that each of the participants was a ‘Digital Native’ as not one of them had grown up in a world without the internet.  Together, through the Nawras workshop, they showed the students how to create a digital profile using social media accounts while applying creativity, photography and micro blogs.
At the end of the session, students posted their entries on the youth-focused Shababiah Facebook page for judging in terms of the best design, content and application.  Gustavo Bomfim submitted the winning entry and was thrilled to win an iPhone 4. Arun Achuth came second, winning a Nawras goody bag and the third prize of autographed CDs went to a young Omani lady.
“This is such an energetic programme and an ideal platform for Nawras to show how technology helps to bridge differences in language, culture and experience,” said Dawood. “The power of social media and the internet in general can be harnessed for positive benefits wherever you may be.  We were happy that Nawras could contribute to the rich experience these students have enjoyed.  Even in a relatively short time, they have clearly seen how much is possible to attain through the power and reach of the internet.”
This was the second year for Nawras to proudly support this exciting initiative. Muscat Youth Summit 2011 was a four-day event for more than 200 young people aged between 15 and 24.  Students from Oman were joined by others from 15 other countries including United States of America, United Kingdom, Sweden, Pakistan and Australia.
Speakers at the event also included Ahmad Al Harthy, Oman’s top racing driver and brand ambassador for Nawras.
Throughout the year, Nawras supports many different community activities.  Most recently these have included a variety of sporting events from football, cricket and petanque to tennis and a dive challenge for less able participants.

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