"Moonsik Kim-SOLiD"

We are a purely R&D based company specialising in Wireless Mobile Access Network Solutions

Moonsik Kim, Senior Vice President – SOLiD

Interview – Gulraiz Khalid


Please give us a background on SOLiD.

Solid is an 18 year old company that was started in South Korea during 1998, and has grown into an international provider of services through success in its local market where it has been supplying its main solution to major operators like KT and SKT for some years now. SOLiD helps people stay connected and safe in a rapidly changing world through a portfolio of RF Amplifier, RF Radio and Optical Transport solutions. SOLiD enables indoor and outdoor cellular and public-safety communications at some of the world’s best-known and most challenging venues including; leading hospitals, professional, and college sports venues, government, university and Fortune 500 corporate buildings and campuses, international airports and metropolitan subways, and other high-profile sites.

Our company is purely based on R&D which enables us to provide the best services and technologies. Our area of specialisation is providing Wireless Mobile Access Network solutions.

What are your main products & solutions? 

Our main products include the DAS system, indoor connectivity solutions and the ICS system which is useful in rural areas that cannot be reached via base stations. We are also providing our solutions to domestic Korean and Japanese players for front-haul and backhaul WDM based FTTx solutions as well.

In terms of geographical markets, in the past we have focused on our domestic market in Korea, but now we are expanding to North America, CALA, Europe and other Asian countries. We are working with Interconnect Solutions in the Middle East and are also expanding to Africa and parts of West Asia.

Could you please elaborate on your “In-Building” solutions?

We are providing Wireless Mobile Access Network solutions where there is a need for “In-Building” connectivity such as hotels, shopping malls, health care, university campus, stadiums and metro which are large venues with high mobile traffic.

SOLiD In-building DAS provides the multi-carriers, multi-band and sector service, with high efficiency and versatile of power module. Embedded POI and small form factor are attractive to users and it is easy to install and can be simply upgraded without interruption of service.

How do you see Middle East market as a potential market for your product and how has your journey been so far?

We see ourselves as new entrants in the Middle East market. Before we entered the Middle East market, there was only one major, global and dominant player in the Middle East. Many customers wanted to have a good second option and some were not satisfied with the current service. This naturally created room for us to enter and we came in just at the right time. Now we feel that the customers enjoy having the option which means we will stay active and expand within the Middle East.

On a regional level, this area has been affected by the drop in oil prices and the slowing down of the growth rate in the construction industry. However, we still believe that the area has a lot of potential for telecom services. We feel there is a strong room for growth and will do our best to capitalise on the opportunity that exists in this region with our solution that is perfectly tailored for present needs.

We plan to take our experience from this area to other regions as well. So far, we have been very successful due to our supportive customers and our highly experienced localised technology partner namely

“Interconnect Solutions Ltd”, a leading provider of network infrastructure and power back-up solutions.

Please tell us about the key factors that have played a role in your successful entry into this market?

To successfully penetrate this market, we had to focus on ensuring the highest quality of products & solutions, a very competitive price and instant on-site support, amongst other things. A key factor in our customer satisfaction is the partner-like relationship we have built with them, where we provide continuous technical training to our customers and also the system integrators who are handling new equipment. Our focus is to ensure that the customer’s needs are met with a price that really reflects positively in a cost benefit analysis.

Another reason is the advantage of having a technology partner like Interconnect Solutions. With their strong distribution network and in-country warehouses, supplied from their regional inventory hub in the UAE, they provide efficient supply chain solutions and “just in time” deliveries which help manage inventory costs.

Please tell us about your local technology partner Interconnect Solutions Ltd?

Interconnect Solutions is our local partner in the region and plays a strategic role in helping us develop our business. Interconnect Solutions has a solid foothold in the GCC region and has a strong and trustworthy relationship with customers and system integrators.

We must say, Interconnect Solutions has played a key role in our success in this region, as to be successful you always need to have the best partners and we feel that Interconnect Solutions has played that role day in and day out. Our competencies are highly complementing and with a strong alliance together, we feel that we can increase our market share and become one of the biggest players in this market heading into the future.