Sri Lankan Regulator to Test HSPA Download Speeds

Sri Lanka’s telecoms regulator, the TRCSL says that it will be conducting tests on the mobile networks HSPA services to determine the average mobile broadband speeds offered.

The regulator said that it is carrying out the research after noting that the networks advertise their services using the peak theoretical rates as opposed to the realistic live rates experienced by consumers.

In Hspa broadband, there are a number of factors limiting the speeds received by end users. The distance to the tower, the number of simultaneous subscribers attached to the tower at any particular time, tower’s bandwidth, operator’s local network infrastructure, international backbone capacity and the type of the device use by the end users would affect the final result. Whatever the reason may be there is a significant gap between the speeds advertised by the operators and the actual speeds experienced by users.

The Trcsl said that it decided to conduct technical assessments on all HSPA services to find out whether the network infrastructure of the providers are really capable of providing to the end user the speeds advertised by them.

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