(from the right) Tarabzouni, Al Molhem, Arimr, and Al Harbi


Al Molhem:  STC transmits more than 90% of total internet movement to all customers in the Kingdom

(from the right) Tarabzouni, Al Molhem, Arimr, and Al Harbi

STC and Google Saudi Arabia held a joint press conference in the STC Executive Club at STC HQ in the King Abdulaziz Telecommunications Complex in Riyadh on the occasion of launching the YouTube Invision service.  The event was attended by Mr. Jameel bin Abdullah Al Molhem STC CEO in Saudi Arabia, Eng. Maziad bin Nasser Al Harbi Vice President Home Sector, Mr. Arimr Kesisoqlu Director of

(from the right) Tarabzouni, Al Molhem, Arimr, and Al Harbi

Google Middle East and North Africa, and Mr. Abdulrahman Tarabzouni Country Manager of Google Saudi Arabia, in addition to journalists representing various media houses and channels..

The conference opened with a visual demonstration showcasing the applications of the YouTube service which has been launched including details on the features and benefit of the service and how to access it, in addition to the other customer benefits that will be gained from this new service.  The demonstration also included key features of the Invision service which set forth a qualitative leap in the Saudi home and changed the concept of TV viewing, being the first in its kind that provides customers with television viewing, call services and access to the internet using a modern and innovative approach that has radically changed the concept of television viewing.

Jameel Al Molhem explained that YouTube Invision is a new and unique service in the Middle East that allows for the first time, customers subscribing to the Advanced Interactive Television Service (Invision) to view and search for videos on YouTube on the internet by using the television screen at home and for free and without having to use the search engines or visit or logon sites and forums.  He added that the provision of this service comes as an affirmation to the company’s interest in its customers and its keenness to satisfy their desires by provide them with the best integrated services that meet those offered by the leading telecommunications companies in the world.  This step also comes to reinforce the Company’s efforts in upgrading and developing Invision service by enriching its content with more unique bundles of modern services that have never been launched before in the market.

Al Molhem confirmed that the company will continue developing and upgrading Invision service by enriching its content with the best and latest services that go hand in hand with the wishes of various customers, meeting their ambitions in getting the best viewership and accessing the internet using a new and modern concept and approach.  In his speech he highlighted the fact that the developmental steps for Invision are part of the Company’s ambitious plans in response to the customers’ wishes and meeting the increasing demand on the service following its great success in acquiring high levels of customer satisfaction.  This service is unique in presenting various features that enable the viewer to not miss any program in addition to being unique in providing all the encrypted channels  using a single Invision device.  He added that the next period will witness the launch of new modern services such as e-learning, e-shopping which enable customers to perform their purchases and have their purchases delivered straight to their home, in addition to other services.  He revealed that the Company is launching a few surprises during the month of Ramadan uniquely for these customers.

Al-Molhem indicated that Invision service, with its many features and as a newly developed service introduced by the largest telecommunications companies in the world will contribute to the implementing the concept of the new digital media enabling all users to access all its applications with high quality and efficiency.  This is due to the fact that the STC owns both a reliable and efficient network that guarantees high internet speeds to ensure the transmission of video and image data.  The Company also provides integrated solutions of smart devices and tablets which are considered the cornerstone for social networking.

He said that STC is planning to invest in the fiber optics network explaining that 50,000 homes are connected to the internet via the fiber with projections that this number will double by the end of 2011.  This service will allow speeds ranging between 100-200 mega and will hit 1 giga in the future.  He added that the Company is aiming to reach this target in the next few years by investing in these networks that currently cover the main cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, Dammam, Jubail, and Al Ahsa.  The Company aims at expanding this service to cover many other cities and villages being the only integrated telecommunications provider in the Kingdom currently transmitting 90% of total internet traffic through its network.

From his end, Mr. Arimr Kesisoqlu said “More than 100 million Arabs logon to the YouTube network every day, and about 11 million users go online at an average of 136 minutes per day representing 40% of the Kingdom’s population.  These users can now enjoy YouTube’s visual content via new technologies that no one has beat us to before.”

He added, “We intend to deepen our relations with STC and believe that together, we can make a difference in the Kingdom in a way that customers can feel this change and see the value of the exclusive features introduced to them.”

Abdurrahman Tarabzouni said that YouTube Invision service will create a  quality leap as a first of its kind service that will enable Invision customers to enjoy the best search experience and go directly on the web and look through all the available video files on the YouTube library while watching and downloading any type of video files that they require whether movies, television series, or any other drama titles for free and at anytime they wish with high speed and quality.  He added that Google Saudi Arabia’s cooperation with STC, the leading telecommunications provider, will reflect positively on the Company’s customers while at the same time he praised STC’s role in dedicating all its capabilities and resources to provide unique services that meet the desires of their customers that is also matches the image of the best and largest telecommunications operator in the region.  He indicated that Google is the most important and fastest search engine and is the most accessed by internet users.

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