STC wins the Award for Best Wholesale Operator in the Middle East

STC took part in the European conference for international capacities ‘Capacity Europe2017’ that was held in London where Saudi Telecom represented by Wholesale sector won the award for best operator for wholesale services in the Middle East. This award is considered one of the international awards in this domain in the Middle East region where it is awarded through the process of nomination and differentiation between distinguished operators each year. The award was received by Dr. Homoud M. Alkussayer, STC Wholesale VP after his participation in one of the panel discussions of the conference that discussed the strategic issues for telecom services and the agreement to grow in wholesale field and with the most modern infra-structure.

Winning the award affirms the company’s leading role in the area of wholesale services on the local, regional and international levels making its main successes in this area this year as a continuation of its previous successes.