STC brings the highly popular ‘Cocolani Island’ game to M3com

STC today announced that ‘Cocolani Island’, one of the most popular games in the United States of America, Europe and the Middle East, has come to M3com. Registered users on can now step into the exciting world of ‘Cocolani Island’ and enjoy hours of fun and adventure.

The game, available in both English and Arabic languages, is one of the most stimulating games, where players can explore a mysterious island and discover its secrets while fighting other tribes in fun battles.

By assisting other locals around ‘Cocolani Island’ you can earn coins that can be spent to get exciting items for your avatar or better yet, if you rent a house on the island, you can buy furniture or more house decorations to give it a more unique look. You also have the opportunity to challenge other players in tribal battles and to become the leader and commander of the island, if victory is yours.

M3com registered users can play the game by logging on to and by clicking the ‘games’ tab on the sidebar menu.

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