STC customers are notified on missed phone calls

In conjunction with spring break and to face the increasing demands, STC continues to strengthen communication between customers and keeping them in constant contact with each other, even if they are outside their home through the  “Mawjood Hatif” service. The service enables customers to be aware of all the missed calls by being notified of incoming calls to their homes- in case the calls didn’t get answered or the line is busy-via SMS that will be sent to their mobile phones, that includes the number, name, and time of the call.

STC has confirmed that “Mawjood Hatif” service, since it was launched, has been very popular among customers, especially during the holiday seasons and school breaks, since it is the first and only service  in the Kingdom the enables them to be notified on all their incoming calls regardless of their location and how far they are from their telephone.

STC also clarified that the importance of “Mawjood Hatif” service lies in keeping customers on constant awareness of all their incoming calls by being notified immediately via SMS, and the ability to receive the notification in one or more mobile phones. STC also added that the launch of the service confirms the significant improvement that the company has achieved in telephone services, which indicates its continuation in providing unique and new services that will distinguish its customers from other in the Saudi market. STC also points out that setting up the service is free with monthly subscription that doesn’t exceed SR 5. Customers can also be informed of the “Mawjood Hatif” service by sending a text message that contains 2204 to 907.

All customers can subscribe to the “Mawjood Hatif” service by sending 2200 to 907, or by calling the customer care center 907, or through visiting the “khadamati” portal at, or by visiting the customer care centers that are distributed in all over the Kingdom.

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