STC enables its customers from sending free SMS through Gmail to any STC mobile

As part of its continuous development of its services and products, STC customers can now send SMS through their Gmail accounts to any STC mobile for free.

Customers can access this unique service by going to Mail Settings at the top of the Gmail account page and choosing “Labs” then enabling “SMS in Chat” and “SMS in Gadget” options. After that, a dialogue box will appear on the left or the right of the email page according to the language direction selected.

When the service is activated, customers can log on to their Gmail™ accounts and choose “Send SMS”, where all what they have to do is entering the receiver mobile number and his/her name. Filling all contact information, including country’s name, is recommended as they can be retrieved at anytime. The customer then writes the desired message and then hits enter to send it off the Gmail account in seconds. The receiver can reply to the message at the regular SMS rate which is 25 halalas.

This unique service is the first of its kind in the Kingdom and the Middle East. It offers STC customers an added advantage, which other operators do not provide. It makes communication between them easier and cost effective through a variety of options.

This addition is one many additions to STC services provided under the strategic partnership between STC and Google™. STC is keen on developing its services and products based on its client centric strategy that aims at answering his needs and ambitions to cope with all difficulties customers might face while using their mobiles or browsing internet.

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