STC increases 4G and Cell On Wheels in “Arafat”

Alnasser: 25% increase in International Switches for Hajj

STC increased its international circuits 25% to 425.462 circuits, comparing to last Hajj season, divided to eight international switches. It also, prepared the networks in “Arafat” which will receive pilgrims tomorrow (Thursday), as the company allocated additional cell on wheels (Cows) and 4G towers in the site.

Nasser Alnasser, Technology & Operations SVP, stated:” STC is keen in facilitating modern telecommunication services, setting special plans and procedures with which tracks can be changed in case of congestion. STC recorded a great success in last Hajj seasons in terms of international calls trafficking, especially for Muslim countries”.

He added:” Although there is high demand for data services and a high interest in 4G services, which clearly contribute to the speed and quality of the mobile Internet service for mobile smartphones, there is still a percentage of pilgrims still keen on mobile and voice telephony services. STC with all its sectors, are honored to provide the various services needed by the pilgrim in the ports, and in their transportation between Mwaqeet, Makkah, Madinah, and the holy sites.