STC introduces an exclusive line up of smart devices & tablet personal computers

As part of its strategic direction to provide a full line up of advanced and exclusive devices and tablet pcs, STC continues to provide its customers with many choices making use of its integrated internet network and various technologies. The Company launched its exclusive and innovative Quicknet packages for mobile internet services enabling customers to use the internet based on their needs and the way they want to use these services. This provides customers with high flexibility in selecting and transferring form one package to another under the theme “We Designed the Internet the Way You Want it,” covering key devices whether PC, handheld, smart devices, tablet, or mobiles.

The new Quicknet packages provide high flexibility in using mobile internet services through its post paid and pre paid packages which provide many exclusive features based on the customer’s desires. The Action package provides unlimited and free usage at night while the Express package provides one hour of open uploading every day for free based on the client’s wishes in addition to the basic Quicknet packages.

In addition to the features offered by the Company, is the multiple chip service which provides 3 Quicknet chips that work simultaneously at a price of one. This will enable the customer to select the type of chip whether Micro or normal based on the device he wishes to use.
The usage of these services come with high efficiency due to the support of its infrastructure for broadband services in the Kingdom with coverage reaching 98%. In addition to that, customers can make use of new high speed internet services that reach 42 Mbps for uploading data in the areas covered with the new speeds.

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