STC launches STC Advanced Solutions at GITEX

STC launches STC Advanced Solutions at GITEXThe Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announced the launch of “STC Advanced Solutions” at GITEX 2014 information and communications technology (ICT) business trade show in Dubai, UAE.

This new initiative is part of STC’s ongoing commitment to transform itself into a leading regional ICT player. STC values the importance of providing integrated advanced information and communication technology and services to meet its clients’ needs. STC Advanced Solutions, as a subsidiary of STC will accelerate STC’s enterprise segment growth strategy through providing a wide range of information and communications technology and services beyond the traditional telco offerings.

“As a market leader, STC assures the business community reliable and affordable services by providing an array of ICT services and solutions. We continue to strive for excellence and innovation. STC Advanced Solutions will bring to the market new products and services with industry focus to help enable the knowledge-based economy,” commented Dr. Khaled Biyari, STC Senior Vice President for Technology and Operations, and Chairman of the Board of STC Advanced Solutions.

Dr. Tarig Enaya, Senior Vice President for the Enterprise Business Unit announced the launch of STC Advanced Solutions. The announcement followed Dr. Enaya’s presentation of the overall STC Enterprise Business strategy. “STC Advanced Solutions is an integral part of STC B2B strategy. We want to be much closer to our clients to address their business opportunities and challenges,” commented Dr. Enaya on the launch. “Through its talent, STC Advanced Solutions enjoys access to STC’s national infrastructure; the alliance ecosystem will provide the needed industry solutions with a focus on value creation,” added Dr. Enaya.

Dr. Sultan Binsaeed, CEO of STC Advanced Solutions outlined key services. “We have set out to reintegrate Awal IT Services into the overall STC B2B strategy by re-launching the brand under a new identity, STC Advanced Solutions. Our strength lies in the turnkey solutions we bring to clients. STC Advanced Solutions is the One Stop Shop for ICT services in the Kingdom; its service offering includes cloud computing services, managed services, systems integration, and M2M services. STC Advanced Solutions will address the market with focus on industries including healthcare, education, oil and gas, financial service, transportation, and other critical government infrastructure sectors,” said Dr. Binsaeed.

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