STC offers “Jood” package at SR 99 a month

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) continues to enhance its ‘Jood’ savings packages, by offering new customers a free setup to any Jood package at a monthly rate starting from SR 99, including unlimited internet, for one year. The offer comprises landline, internet services, free modem and installation, without any conditions or limitations set forth in the service installation contract.
It is worth mentioning that STC designed ‘Jood’ packages to accommodate different customer needs and demands through introducing several package options; ‘Jood 2’, ‘Jood 3’, and ‘Jood 4’. ‘Jood 2’ offers landline and Internet services; ‘Jood 3’ offers landline, Internet and Invision services; and ‘Jood 4’ offers landline, Internet, Invision, and QuickNet services, available in different capacities, and at competitive prices, enabling customers and their family members to enjoy safe and secure high-speed internet. Package pricing and features can be found at