STC provides more Options to Browse ma3com Content

STC introduced a new updated version for all customers of ma3com online portal on their mobiles, to cut it short for them, in order to quickly and smoothly access the portal through their sets at any time and from anywhere, in the world, thus enjoy the content of all of its specially-designed package of channels, a unique feature of STC provided by ma3com.

STC asserted that putting at avail of ma3com-related channels for the portal’s customers on their mobiles with its new facade, comes along the series of STC innovative services, continuously introduced, to provide various solutions in order to make it more easier to access STC services and acquire its products, to meet customers’ needs and to move ahead of their expected demands.
However, STC, produced this service, based on the strong desires of customers, their aspirations to entertain ma3com-related channels, especially, following the tremendously-wide success which they kept scoring, thus guaranteeing customer’s trust and moving ahead to be among the leading online audience-catching channels, in the region, with almost 15 million demands to browse.
Ma3com portal consist of a specially-designed channels such as the News Channels which provides the latest domestic as well as world news items, Islam Channel which in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, provides a wide-range of services and information of benefit to Muslims, Features Channel to meet entertainment-seeking, Travel Channel which provide customers with the merits of tourism preferred destinations, its services, climate, worshipping places, shopping centers and physiotherapy-seeking tourism. There are also other channels, such as the sports for soccer fans, ma3com TV, Children Channel, Hajj channel, Motor channel, Formula 1 channel, Yachts world, sports, teams and individual alike, in addition to the Family Channel to meet its demands, and other channels directed to fulfill many different interests of customers.
Ma3com portal puts at avail a lot of free fabulous applications for its customers, such as 5Mega capacity email service, high-resolution visual clips, weather service, boards and voting, SMS service, with 40-free message per week, sending free 7 MMS per week, sending of pictures and video-clips through the code 1683 for free to the portal, sending congratulation cards on all occasions through the email as well as the mobile, Kaspersky, the anti- virus software, the first of its kind in the region, which could be down-load, directly from the website, without any extra-charge, wide-capacity file-saving service up to 1G capacity, and electronic caring which provides support and back-up for ma3com online portal.

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