STC announces the successful demonstration of LTE Licensed-Assisted Access (LAA) technology for the first time in the MENA


As part of the STC desire to deploy cutting edge technologies, STC announces the first demonstration of LAA based technology, which will enable LTE user throughputs to reach new threshold levels using unlicensed spectrum, delivering a record busting throughput of more than 440Mbps

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) announces that it has successfully demonstrated Licensed Assist Access (LAA) solutions with both Huawei and Ericsson to achieve unprecedented user throughputs. LAA technology allows STC network to deliver the fastest 4G-LTE data rates in MENA. For the first time, STC together with its two main suppliers have proven that the network will be capable of delivering extremely high user throughput, in real time. The value of this landmark achievement lies in utilizing (free) unlicensed spectrum.

Following this first LAA achievement, STC demonstrates once again its high-tech network capabilities. This milestone was made technically possible through the aggregation of LTE band with two unlicensed carriers in the 5GHz band. LAA will contribute to a better quality of service and will support STC’s declared strategy of offering the most advanced solutions and services to its deserving customers. This important milestone will significantly enhance end-user experience, with better utilization of unlicensed spectrum along with licensed LTE spectrum in STC network. It will also allow STC customers to enjoy faster and more advanced services.

Eng. Nasser Al Nasser, SVP for Technology & Operations, STC said:  “This innovative achievement provides tremendous promise for the future of LTE-Advanced services. I am thrilled that STC continues to lead MENA telecom industry with the latest solutions, for both indoor and outdoor technologies. Needless to say, that the majority of network traffic comes from indoor users. Therefore, we need to accelerate our pace in technology innovations and focus our effort on improving the quality of indoor services and solutions. Using unlicensed spectrum for LTE is a very smart way to maximize the efficiency of the available spectrum. It will lead to successful deployments of advanced technologies, providing better quality services and maximizing benefit of our valued customers.”

This latest outstanding breakthrough in technology capabilities represents another major milestone for both STC and its partner companies. This part of a long-standing strategic relationship aimed at delivering ever more advanced state-of-the-art telecommunications services. With such a fast LTE-Advanced technology, STC is ready to address the tremendous demand for traffic, rising users’ expectations and achieve true network transformation in a smooth and flexible manner.