STC Takes Part in Customers’ Communication with their Families and Friends in Turkey

STC is keen to share its customers their national occasions, and help them communicate with their families at the least prices.
The company offered postpaid, SAWA and LANA customers a reduction of 50%, on the occasion of the national day of the Republic of Turkey, which, unfortunately coincides nowadays with the disastrous earthquake in Turkey that took many lives.

This initiative comes to enable customers to get reassured about their families and friends after the tragic disaster in Turkey. Reduction includes outgoing voice and video calls, SMS and MMS on Saturday 29th of October 2011 and four 24 hours.

This offer comes among other similar offers various countries through The International Portal of STC with its highly efficient capacity and capability to pass all international calls to and fro KSA, in order to enable the STC customers “citizens and residents” to enjoy offered reductions on calls to their families and relatives in their countries at half the real cost.

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