Sudatel held a general meeting of shareholders

On the evening of Thursday 24/5/2012, the 19th regular STG General Assembly was convened in the Friendship Hall where the shareholders listened to the speech of the Board of the Directors Chairman, then the detail of the technical and administrative performance from the Chief Executive Manager who showed the attendants the company’s achievements for the year 2011 compared with the previous years. He concentrated at the end of his comprehensive report, which was admired and praised by attendants, on the Sudatel future vision that included its financial, technical and administrative stand and its future as from the year 2013. The external auditor presented a comprehensive report on the financial stand of the STG including its internal and external investments and its profit position, shoeing the great improvement that occurred in the situation of STG external investments, indicating in the same context the reliance of the external investments on themselves starting from the first quarter of 2012 and its achieve
ments of positive results and indicating in his speech the continuity of improvement  during this year and the next year in away that achieves the desired objectives. Then the discussion was held about the report and the platform replied on a number of positive raised points. Then the recommendations presented by the Board were circulated to the General Assembly where a committee was formed from neutral parties including the Trade Registrar, Khartoum Stock Exchange Market and the National Telecommunications Corporation in addition to the STG Legal Consultant, the committee undertook the matter of nominations for the new Board where the names of the new Board member were declared. The meeting also approved the Board of Directors report and the closing audited accounts for the financial year ending on 31/12/2011 and the recommendation of the Board to distribute the net profit of the financial year ending on 31/12/2011 to the amount of 3 cents per share as cash profits, and the distribution of in-kind shares equ
ivalent to 4 shares for every 100 shares registered on the date of closing the transaction, in addition to the Board’s recommendation to recruit a charted auditor for the company for the financial year     2012 and delegates the board to specify his remuneration.