Swiss IT consultancy opens Mideast office

Swiss IT consultancy opens Mideast officeSwitzerland-based Tinext, a global IT consultancy, is opening an office in the region to build technology solutions around Middle East processes and business needs, said the company CEO.

“All businesses want to leverage technology to better serve their customers, but few really know how best to do that,” said Stefano Zoia, CEO of Tinext.

“By better managing online content, regional businesses can reduce costs, raise efficiencies, and also create new business opportunities.”

Middle East organizations must be able to offer fuller, richer online experiences to their customers or face dramatically reduced market share, added Zoia.

Consumers are increasingly demanding up-to-the-second levels of internet content accuracy, from booking airplane tickets and watching news programming to paying utility bills or buying a fashionable item of clothing, and that means that the platforms on which they are operating must be expertly managing their related content, he said.

“Integrating the Web in new ways, with the people and processes at the heart of a business, is required to ensure that a business is fully exploiting the benefits of today’s technologies and truly creating a compelling online experience for its customers,” Zoia explained.

“We are the region’s Arabic news leader because of the accuracy of our content, as well as the speed with which we are able to deliver it to our clients,” said Eslam Refaat, head of Digital Operations at Al Arabiya, the news channel which owns

“This content management dynamic is one of the pillars of our success, and it is not an accident that we partnered with Tinext to create and deploy our Magnolia-based solution.”

Working with technology partners, including Magnolia, Tinext has entered into an agreement with one of the region’s existing IT consultancies to ensure that it can deliver region-relevant resource and expertise to its customers from day one of its operation.

“We are excited about Tinext committing more fully to the Middle East region, because it means that our existing and potential customers will be better able to exploit their significant investments in our category-leading, content management software solutions.  They have a great regional team, and we are excited to work closely with them,” said Dominik Steinacher, chief commercial, Magnolia. –

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