Telcordia offers integrators cloud-based next gen OSS

Telcordia, a global leader in the development of IP, wireline, and mobile telecommunications software and services, announced today the availability of the Telcordia eLab, a new service that provides integrator partners with cloud-based access to the company’s Next Generation OSS portfolio, to support demonstrations, user and developer training and even integration testing.

The Telcordia eLab uses a first-of-its-kind, pay-as-you-go model that avoids the upfront CAPEX and OPEX costs commonly associated with getting teams of developers or end-users up to speed with sophisticated new systems. By removing the expense items of separate hardware, support and installation, the Telcordia eLab enables greater flexibility and scalability in deploying resources, and ultimately improves competitiveness in developing OSS business for its integrator partners. The eLab also allows the rapid creation of “proofs of concept” to demonstrate new solution ideas, technical capabilities or integrations.

“Telcordia is focused on enabling scale and efficiency. The new eLab gives systems integrators a faster, more scalable and lower-cost way to address market demand for Next Gen OSS, wherever they are in the world,” said David Weatherup, Head of Education Services at Telcordia.

The Telcordia eLab also offers a way to increase the efficiency of training, offering on-site performance with cloud-based flexibility – and lower costs. “The financial investment and commitment of time to travel for training can be considerable, even when it is essential, so the temptation can be to bypass something that is critical to realizing the business potential of new systems,” said Weatherup.

“The eLab gives partners and customers an agile, virtual, fully-managed training environment without the overhead of travel and setup.”

The Telcordia eLab offers access to the following Next-Gen OSS products: Telcordia® Granite Inventory, including Granite Assign & Design and Granite Discovery & Reconciliation; Telcordia® Network Engineer, Telcordia® Service Director, Telcordia® Activator, and Telcordia® Dynamic Service Catalog, with planned availability for all of the company’s Next Gen B/OSS products and solutions by mid 2011.

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