Telecom Enterprise and Umniah Launch Targeted Mobile Advertising Service

Telecom Enterprise (TE), signed an exclusive agreement with Umniah, providing Umniah with the WAP Targeted Mobile Advertising service.

As part of the agreement, TE will provide Umniah with an array of advertising services including the Mobile Advertising service, specifically tailored to meet the needs of Umniah’s corporate clientele. This service aims to keep Umniah subscribers abreast of the latest services and promotions offered by various companies in the market. It differs from the bulk SMS service in that it uses a clever marketing method that sends ads to a targeted audience, and offers advertisers a low-cost advertising channel that yields high return on investment (ROI).

Prior to the new WAP Advertising services provided to Umniah during 2011 and 2012, TE also supplied the Company with its Corporate-Client Menu Service (USSD). WAP is a protocol that enables the mobile users to browse the internet through their mobile handsets.

Mr. Aiman Ziq, Telecom Enterprise CEO, expressed his enthusiasm towards the agreement and said, “We are proud to partner with Umniah, a leading telecom operator in Jordan, to expand our service portfolio to simple and affordable business services. TE is continuously searching for new products and services to meet the needs of the corporate sector in Jordan and the Middle East. We are focusing on managed telecom services with zero CAPEX and OPEX to the operator.”

In turn, Mr. Ihab Hinnawi, Umniah CEO commented, “We are pleased to collaborate with Telecom Enterprise to present advertisers with greater opportunities to efficiently target end users at competitive prices. Mobile Advertising has triggered a technological revolution in the field of marketing, enabling advertisers to send ads to a specific audience. In light of the increased awareness on the importance of direct communication with clients via mobile advertising, we are keen to provide to our customers with innovative and cutting-edge services that ensure the highest levels of proliferation.”

Umniah’s Mobile Advertising service provides advertisers with quick, measurable results through detailed and reliable reporting and allows for greater brand awareness. Advertisers can also send attractive, personalized ads on promotions, products and services to subscribers by using Umniah’s smart technologies.

By virtue of this agreement, TE has strengthened its position in Middle East markets as a solid partner for mobile operators in the field of Managed services such as WAP and USSD services.

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