Teletimes last web poll data “Should the Internet Content be filtered / blocked?”

Internet content blocking or filtering is one of the biggest subjects of debate these days. Internet users worldwide have already seen censorship’s effects in countries like China. One of the biggest concerns over Internet censorship is where the line is drawn. Today, clearly objectionable and illegal material such as child pornography would be blocked, but would the policy makers choose to censor competing political parties or other genuine content in the future? Internet content filtering is also seen as the scourge of the digital era, removing the rights of free thinking people to an unfiltered, uncensored, and non-politically interferes with Internet. In order to gather views on content filtering / blocking, our latest survey asked them to express their thoughts. The results show that majority (53.85%) of the respondents were in favor of content filtering provided that it is performed only on the basis of cultural and religious values. 27.695 of the respondents were against blocking / filtering of content over the Internet while only 18.46% were in favor of such blocking / filtering.