The sole operator that is characterized by accessing customers’ homes more than 11 million users fo STC’S integrated internet services

STC has strengthened its position as a leader in the field of broadband services, by exclusively providing various integrated (broadband) services indoors and outdoors, and providing all of the internet services to customers’ homes for free. Additionally, STC also offers integrated technical support services to its customers every hour, which have contributed in increasing the broadband services subscription while at home or outdoors, as well as internet services that include integrated and advanced packages that are provided for the first time in the Middle East.

The broadband home services have made an impact in providing packages that are convenient to the various needs of its customers, as well as being the first in the region to offer integrated internet packages.

At the same time, while roaming outside the house, the unique “Quicknet” packages had achieved a wide success because it accommodated the various needs of its customers, and gave them the ability to switch from one package to another. The various packages that suited all types of customers included the unlimited “Quicknet Pro 1”, which is the fastest roaming internet service with broadband in the Kingdom with its 42.2 MB/Sec internet speed, and the “Quicknet Pro 2” which is the best solution for tablet devices, and it also offers a prepaid SIM card for free, a 5 GB monthly internet package, and a free WiFi service.

The “Quicknet Action 1” package, which is specially made for the young customers and those with limited income, offers convenient prices for internet usage. The high speed “Quicknet Express” is a new internet service that is suitable to all types of customers, and it offers a prepaid internet SIM card, a 7.2 Mbps speed modem with a free 1GB internet package for SR 150. The “Quicknet Lite” package was also popular and it’s considered the best internet package in the Kingdom, with its prepaid SIM card valued at SR 25 with 400 MB free internet data.

The increased number of users is due to STC’s strong network and infrastructure to support broadband services in the Kingdom, which strengthens its continuous care towards its customers in the field of communication technology, since it recently implemented developed plans to advance the broadband services which contributed in reaching more than 11 million users with the lowest costs, all through qualified technical team that are experienced in broadband technologies.

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