Thuraya Certifies RedPort Optimizer for Ship-to-Shore Data Services

Thuraya Certifies RedPort Optimizer for Ship-to-Shore Data ServicesThuraya Telecommunications Company, a Mobile Satellite Services (MSS) operator, has certified the RedPort Optimizer satellite Wi-Fi router and the RedPort XGate satellite email and data service software from RedPort Global, a data and throughput optimization services provider. Thuraya’s users can now use the RedPort Optimizer for ship-to-shore and remote land-based data email and other data services via computers, laptops and smartphones, including those from Google Android and Apple iOS.

The RedPort Optimizer is currently used with the Seagull 5000i to optimize email communications onboard commercial vessels operating across Thuraya’s coverage area. It enables a vessel operator to stay in contact with its crew at all times and to optimize ship operations while controlling costs. Its firewall ensures there are no unintended data transmissions to and from the vessel that could result in unexpected airtime bills.

“Ship managers and their crew need to stay in touch with their team regardless of where they are. Maritime crews especially need a solution that is easy to install and allows them to have services that are optimized for satellite connectivity,” said Randy Roberts, vice president of innovation at Thuraya.

The RedPort Optimizer is certified for use on the Thuraya network with the Seagull 5000i and Thuraya Maritime Broadband. In addition, it is certified for the Thuraya XT, IP and IP+. The RedPort Optimizer works exclusively with the RedPort XGate software to provide email, web browsing, social media, blogging, weather data, GPS tracking and GPS NMEA Repeating.

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