Top HCT Students Train at Huawei Headquarters in China as Part of Annual Knowledge Transfer Program

Top HCT Students Train at Huawei Headquarters in China as Part of Annual Knowledge Transfer ProgramHCT-Huawei Summer Camp extends Huawei’s cooperation with the Higher College of Technology to provide experiential learning opportunities to national students; part of Huawei’s global CSR drive to bridge the digital divide

As part of Huawei’s long-term and ongoing cooperation with the Higher Colleges of Technology (HCT), a select group of nine Emirati IT students from HCT Abu Dhabi Men’s College recently travelled to China for an international training program held at the global headquarters of Huawei, a leading global information and communications technology (ICT) solutions provider, located in the coastal city of Shenzhen.

The HCT-Huawei Summer Camp, sponsored by Huawei, aims to offer the students a unique opportunity to discover the professional world first-hand and gain practical skills that would prepare them for a career in the ICT industry. During the eight-day trip, which began on August 23, the students attended six days of technical training including workshops and technical training sessions on diverse topics such as next-generation networks, network architecture and implementation, VoIP, security solutions and cloud computing. Rounding off the trip was a two-day cultural experience in Beijing for the students.

The initiative is part of Huawei’s ongoing partnership with HCT in helping Emirati students to pursue a variety of technical careers within the region’s thriving telecommunications industry. Last year, the Huawei facility in Shenzhen hosted a similar training program for 10 Emirati engineering students from HCT Fujairah. The initiative is also in line with Huawei’s CSR vision of bridging the digital divide while promoting the development of the economy and environment in all the markets Huawei operates in.

“It’s always a pleasure for Huawei to share our knowledge with students and provide opportunities that will help unlock the potential of our young people,” notes Mr. Peng Xiongji, General Manager of Huawei UAE. “A cornerstone of our go-to-market strategy is our glocalization approach which involves integrating local insights and efforts, in this instance, supporting and tapping into local, with our globalization drive. Huawei is committed to developing and nurturing local talent everywhere we operate. Our partnership with HCT dates back to 2008 and is an integral part of our effort to provide experiential learning to students in the UAE and equip them with the right technical knowledge to launch and advance their career.”

In addition to a series of in-class modules, the training program included on-site visits and practical lab sessions working with Huawei data, production and logistics experts at the company’s global Research & Development (R&D) Centre.

“Exposure to the real-world environment is vital in bridging the gap between the classroom and the workplace as it provides students an opportunity to apply their learning to workplace situations and tasks, which strongly reflects HCT’s commitment to its Learning by Doing philosophy,” said Sultan Hussain Karmostaji, Director of Higher Colleges of Technology Abu Dhabi Men’s College. “Huawei is a global leader in ICT solutions, and the training program at their state-of-the-art facility in Shenzhen will allow our students a chance to learn best practices from experienced professionals at the cutting edge of technology and gain a practical understanding of the latest technological solutions, their implementation and applications.”

“Huawei has been an invaluable partner in our mission to prepare our students for later life, and we cannot thank them enough for their continued support and enthusiasm in transferring their knowledge and expertise to the younger generation. Besides helping enhance students’ technical competence and employment prospects, the international experience afforded by these overseas training programs will help the students to broaden their horizons and build their global awareness and self-confidence, which is firmly in line with HCT’s graduate outcomes,” Mr Karmostaji added.

As part of Huawei’s ongoing cooperation with HCT, the company also makes valuable contributions to the development of the UAE’s national workforce as a member of HCT Foundation’s “HCT-100”. The HCT 100 members’ generosity supports excellence in student learning through the continued enhancement of teaching, research, and resources, as well as direct financial support for those in need.

Building a pool of educated and technologically skilled national manpower has become a top priority for the UAE and other countries in the Gulf, as rapid technology-focused development across the region continues to create new opportunities within the ICT industry. According to a recent report by analyst group Gartner, technology spending in the Middle East region is projected to hit over $192 billion in 2013, with growth being driven primarily by GCC nations such as the UAE, Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

Huawei is known for its strong R&D capabilities and comprehensive technical expertise. Over 45 per cent of Huawei’s 150,000 employees worldwide are actively involved in R&D, spread across 20 Huawei research institutes in countries such as China, USA, India and Brazil. In 2012, the company invested more than $4.8 billion in R&D and applied for over 56,000 patents globally.

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