TRA announces the impending closure for Registration in the dotEmarat domain for trademark owners

Considering the great importance of the dotEmarat (امارات.) Arabic domain especially for trademark owners, and the benefits it offers in ensuring a crucial ability to interlink with a new segment of users who were excluded from benefiting from the internet due to the language barrier, the Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) has launched the initiative of the Arabic domain (امارات.) in the UAE. The launch represented the beginning of a new Internet era, and the beginning of the UAE journey towards the optimal use to online Arabic content.

Therefore, the TRA is pleased to announce that the registration in the dotEmarat (امارات.) domain for trademark owners witnessed the registry of regional and international leading trademark companies of their Arabic dotEmarat (امارات.) domain names. The TRA is also pleased to announce that the closing date for the registry is on the 31st May, 2011.

Commenting on this, H.E. Mr. Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General said: “in accordance with the objectives of the dotEmarat (امارات.) domain initiative in developing and marketing the domain names, educating the audience and promoting the domain, the TRA has opened earlier the Registration in the dotEmarat (امارات.) domain for trademark owners, taking into consideration the commercial benefits it offers regarding promoting the relationship between the trademark owners and their clients.”

“Also, dotEmarat (امارات.) can be used in commercial campaigns targeting the Arabic user, especially since the new Arabic top-level domain name is currently a broad market incorporating an assortment of unique names that fits the activities offered by every company, unlike the cliché top-level domain names where obtaining a new name has become close to impossible.’ He added.

Ownership of (dotEmarat) domains will secure intellectual property rights related to the Trademark, and it will prevent any legal disputes that may arise at a later stage. Disputes can run for long times, cost huge losses and harm the reputation a trademark, which are things that the TRA is keen to prevent the trademark owners from experiencing, in order to ensure a smooth and seamless business processes for those trademarks within the cyber space which the TRA is providing.

The TRA encourages interested trademark owners to register prior to the closure on the 31st May, 2011. Trademark owners who are keen to register for Arabic domain names can view a complete list of registrars by following the link ( Comprehensive information about the Arabic top-level domain name (dotEmarat) is available at: and عربي.امارات

The (.ae) Domain Administration (.aeDA) is responsible for the enforcement of all policies reference to the operation of the (.ae) country code Top Level Domain (ccTLD) as well as overseeing the operation of the registry system.

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