TRA commends the UAE Ministry of Education initiative to launch the domain

Proceeding from its belief in the importance of using Arabic language in domain names, in order to allow Arabic speakers to benefit from using the internet and its diverse channels, The Telecommunications Regulatory Authority (TRA) seeks continuously to support all initiatives aiming at activating the Arabic Domains Names.

To this end, the TRA would like to commend the initiative of the Ministry of Education in enhancing the role of the Arabic domain name by launching the domain (DarajatiDotEmarat)which will facilitate and enable students and their parents to check the examination results online using their own language.

Commenting on the initiative, H.E. Muhammad Nasser Al Ghanim, TRA Director General said: “We are pleased for the recent domain  (DarajatiDotEmarat) initiative launched by the Ministry of Education. The new initiative aims at creating ease in checking examination results by students and their parents by using their mother tongue. This is considered an important step in enhancing the role of Arabic domain names within the internet in the UAE. The TRA would like to express its readiness to provide all required support to students, and to the education sector in all fields related to the ICT sector, which comes in-line with the social contributions and responsibilities of the TRA towards the UAE society.”

Al Ghanim adds: “It is a great privilege and honor to see governmental organizations adopt Arabic domain names in the UAE. Such a move indicatesthat the initiative launched by the TRA has reached to operational and deployment levels, that qualify it to achieve its main goals manifested in using Arabic language in e-addresses, in order to allow a bigger segment of users who were deprived of using the benefits of the cyber space due to the language barrier. We in the TRA call upon all other governmental organizations and private sectors companies to adopt the same approach of using Arabic domain names.”

The dotEmarat ( “.?????? ”  ) has  marked a new unprecedented achievement for ICT on a regional level in introducing Arabic language for Internet domain names and the fact that the UAE is one of the four countries in the world to obtain approval from ICANN. The TRA continuously promotes the approach of using Arabic domain names through awareness campaigns and encouraging the use of such by the government sector and private companies due to the great benefits in marketing their brand names and products.

The Arabicdomain (dotEmarat) has recently finished the registration phase for governmental sectorentities and trademarks owners. The TRA extended the registration of the (dotEmarat) sunrise periodlast January, which was opened earlier, for a further six months in order to give trademark owners, greater opportunity to take advantage of the unique offer. The registration for the trademark owners was concluded on 31st May 2011. It will launch next month, through its authorized registrars, the phase for individual registration which will enable a wider spectrum to benefit from this feature.

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