Trend Micro to launch new threat report at Gitex

Trend Micro to launch new threat report at GitexTrend Micro, a global virtualization and cloud security leader, will release its finding on the greatest IT security threat to business in the Mena region at the upcoming Gitex Technology Week in Dubai.

The company will also demonstrate its wide range of security solutions for global and regional business at the exhibition, said a statement.

Advanced threat detection, real-time intelligence, adaptive protection, and rapid response needed to combat targeted network attacks and Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) will also be demonstrated, it said.

“In this region, business and social interaction over the Web is growing exponentially. Unfortunately, criminal activity is big business and growing at a faster rate, with new Malware being released every few seconds. The threat landscape has gravely changed, and Trend Micro is fortunately uniquely positioned to respond to that threat,” commented Ihab Moawad, vice president, Trend Micro, Mediterranean, Middle East & Africa.

Visitors to the event will also hear how Trend Micro’s innovative ‘Smart Protection Network,’ a client-cloud solution identifies and responds to the next-generation web threats that are here today.

Another focus area for Trend will be Deep Discovery – this specialised network security uniquely detects and identifies evasive threats in real-time, then provides the in-depth analysis and actionable intelligence organisation needed to protect them. Deep Discovery is at the core of the Trend Micro Custom Defense solution, a complete network security strategy to detect, analyze, adapt, and respond to attackers, said the statement.

Also, as more and more consumers invest in smartphones, tablets, and other web-enabled mobile devices, enterprises of all sizes are being confronted and challenged by employees

who want to use these same devices for full access to their professional lives, in addition to their personal ones. This trend, the “consumerisation” of enterprise mobility, represents a

formidable challenge as well as a great opportunity for organizations. Visitors can learn how to harness the power inherent in consumerisation and exploit its obvious benefit while trying to manage its potential hazards, it said.

Gitex takes place at the Dubai International Conference and Exhibition Centre (DICEC) from October 20 to 24.

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