Triple Your Credit with Batelco’s SimSim Great Offer

Batelco, the Kingdom’s leading mobile services provider, is launching for the second time an unbeatable bonus credit opportunity exclusively for its SimSim Customers. Starting from the 14th December and up until 4th January 2012, customers who refill with BD4 or BD5 SimSim vouchers will receive triple credit directly to their account. The bonus credit can reach up to BD10 on top of the main credit amount.
For example, SimSim customers who refill with BD4 will receive BD4 as a main credit to be used for all kind of calls and SMSs. They will also get BD8 as a local bonus to be used for all local Batelco to Batelco calls and SMS’s within the period defined i.e. 10 days from the refill date.

Refill amount Total credit Bonus validity
BD4 BD12 10 days
BD5 BD15 14 days
*Total credit= main credit + bonus credit

This offer is available for new as well as existing SimSim customers. The bonus credit which will be utilized before the main credit is valid for local calls and SMS to Batelco lines only and must be used within the defined period from the refill date.
Batelco Group General Manager Media Relations Ahmed Al Janahi said that the new offer is great value for money that presents a substantial cost saving benefit for prepaid customers.
“Batelco conducts regular customer surveys to identify customers’ changing demands and requirements and based on the outcomes, reviews its products and services in order to develop new and innovative deals. This promotion comes as a result of such reviews and we believe it addresses the needs of our large SimSim subscriber base,” added Mr. Al Janahi.

Customers may check their Main Credit Balance by dialing *122# and their promotion bonus Balance by dialing *122*2#.

Batelco refill vouchers are available from Batelco Retail Shops and authorised outlets all over the Kingdom of Bahrain.

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