UAE delegation members to hold ITU positions

UAE delegation members to hold ITU positionsTwo members of a delegation representing the UAE have been selected to occupy senior positions within an international committee of the ITU Plenipotentiary Conference 2014 in South Korea.

Nasser Bin Hammad, senior manager International Affairs at UAE’s Telecommunication Regulatory Authority (TRA) was elected as a vice president of the conference and Nasser Marzouqi as vice chairman of the Sixth Committee responsible for overall managemnt and administrative matters.

They will be in charge of managing different activities, co-ordinating meetings and setting the ITU strategic plan for the next four years, said a statement.

The duty of the conference vice president will be to assist in managing the working team and co-ordinating efforts with the conference president in various issues and topics of discussion listed on the conference agenda and also providing support in consultations between the conference president and deputies in case of developments and emerging issues.

Hammad was also elected as the official representative of the Arab Group.

The ITU Sixth Committee will review the draft Strategic Plan and other reports and proposals related to the Strategic Plan and examine relevant reports and proposals for the Union General Management, in particular the financial and human resources aspects and submitted reports by other committees and working groups.

It will also prepare the draft for the financial policies and financial plan for the period 2016-2019, recommend to the Plenary all appropriate actions related to the Union’s activities, and escalade to the concerned committees matters requiring amendments to the Constitution, Convention and the General Rules.

Mohamed Nasser Al Ghanim, director general of the TRA and head of the UAE delegation, said: “I am quite impressed to witness the active and dedicated participation by the members of the UAE delegation and their diligent endeavours towards winning significant positions in the world’s largest ICT policy-making conference often known as the Olympics of information communication technology.

“I am confident that Hammad and Al-Marzouqi will spare no effort to strengthen the UAE’s prominent position at the ITU organisation.”

“The leading position occupied by the UAE at the ITU reflects the empowerment strategy adopted by the TRA management to allow national cadres to serve their country in all possible areas and at all levels. I hope that this global platform will be an important milestone that enables us to dedicate our efforts for best serving our nation and the TRA,” said Hammad.

The conference will continue over a period of three weeks and will witness important elections where the UAE competes on the membership in the ITU Council for the third time in a row and Hammad is nominated for membership of the Radio Regulations Board.

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