Umniah nominatesa Jordanian Apps Developer to attend the Mobile World Congress 2014 in Barcelona

Umniah nominatesa Jordanian Apps Developer to attend the Mobile World Congress 2014 in BarcelonaIn confirming its continuous support and empowerment for entrepreneurs, startups, and mobile application developersin Jordan Umniah has entered a strategic partnership with the internationally acclaimed AppCircus. In accordance to this partnership, Umniah has sponsored the international competition in cooperation with the Gaming Lab and the first mobile gaming developing company in the Middle East, Maysalward in efforts to better qualify and improve the skills of digital gaming app manufacturers around the world.

The competition displayed 7mobile applications in front of a jury panel which included Umniah’sDirector of Enterprise and High Value Segment, Mahmoud Abu Zannad, where they selected the most creative apps among them. The winners of the competition were Mohammad Al Qaram and OdaiNazal from Princess Sumaya University for Technology who developed an applicationcalled Blindoo that helps blinded people in reading English books. The winning application will benominated to present atthe international conference Mobile World Congress 2014 held annually in Barcelona, Spain where he will meet leading companies and investors in the mobile phones and applications industry.

Attendees of the international contest held in Amman, Jordanleaded by The CEO and Founder of AppCircus- CarlesFerreiro and included many leaders from the telecommunications industry as well as specialists in smartphone apps development and content; of whom, many stressed the great opportunities that lie ahead the industry on a local, regional and global level as well as the importance of aiding young entrepreneurs and helping them make their developed apps a success.

The CEO of Umniah, Ihab Hinnawi, commented on the occasion saying, “The smartphone application industry is witnessing a booming phase, which is leading to an overwhelming dependence from users in their daily lives, therefore, we will continue to forge partnerships in the telecommunications sector as well as initiatives that help develop young Jordanians ideas through their participation in events bringing international attention to their applications.”

Mr. Hinnawi went on to add that “Umniahfocuses on giving support to partnerships that revolve around entrepreneurism as they directly help in supporting the economy, such as our partnerships with Plug and Play and AppCircus”.

The CEO and Founder of Maysalward, NourKhrais, expressed the importance of the event as it helps qualify and support Jordan’s youth as well as gives attention to the industry on a local level.

With the great evolve in the App industry, Gartner Inc. conducted a study that showed that total world revenues reached $26 billion which generated from 102 billion mobile app downloads. Were another study reported that in 2013, the international digital gaming industry saw revenues of $93 billion of which $13 billion were from mobile games.

Umniah announced late last year its partnership with the international recognized AppCircuswithin the Jordan Gaming Summit 2013, with a strong aim to support and qualify startups specializing in digital apps.

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