Unified Inbox and Oviphone collaborate for IoT wearables

Interview with

Toby Ruckert, CEO Unified Inbox and

Jack Wu, CEO Oviphone

Q. Could you please give us a brief on both companies?

A. Oviphone

Established in 2008, Oviphone has been a global player in the R&D, manufacture, and sales of smart electric products and mobile Internet solutions for more than 15 years. Oviphone is headquartered in Shanghai, and has sales offices in Shenzhen.

Jack Wu, CEO - Oviphone

Jack Wu, CEO – Oviphone

Oviphone specializes in smart watch ODM, OEM, and RWATCH-branded products. Supported by more than 50 R&D engineers, the product range includes bluetooth smart watches, watches designed for children and seniors, and NFC watches. Products have full FCC, CE, and other national and international certifications.

Prior to 2012, Oviphone’s focus was on mobile phones and communications module R&D. In October of 2012, Oviphone leveraged this core smart watch technology R&D, software development, and hardware development to begin work on wearable smart devices.

Products now include bluetooth smart watches, a children’s GPS watch, a health management watch for seniors, and Android smart watches. In 2014, Oviphone sold over 600,000 units.

Quick Facts:

  • Oviphone is the only company producing bluetooth 4.0 devices in bulk
  • Oviphone is the sole supplier for MTK low-cost wearable solution 2501
  • Oviphone has specific product lines for children, seniors, and other user groups
  • Oviphone’s business partners include Intel, Disney, China Ocean University, China’s Committee on Aging, Jiangsu Compass Research Institute, the Guangdon Federation of Disabled Persons, and now Unified Inbox
  • Oviphone’s NFC series wearables includes applications for payment, car keys, and business cards
  • Oviphone’s technology partners include Chende payment, Nanjing chengmai, and Guoxin"Unified-inbox-and-Oviphone-collaborate-for-IoT-wearables"

Unified Inbox

Global social Internet of Things (IoT) startup Unified Inbox (http:// unifiedinbox.com) has operations in Singapore, New Zealand, India, Europe, and the U.S., with business units creating solutions for IoT, social media publishing, and unified communications analytics.

Our patented backend infrastructure, UnificationEngine™ (http://unificationengine.com) – the first true end-to-end, encrypted Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform – is the Internet of Communications for IoT.


Toby Ruckert CEO – Unified Inbox

UnificationEngine connects UCaaS with IoT, it enables apps and devices to simply communicate with users on the communications channels they already use. It solves developers and device makers’ burning need of easier, faster, and cheaper integration of all incoming and outgoing communications into their breakthrough IoT products and services.

UnificationEngine™ powers our first SaaS app, social media governance, compliance, and publishing tool Outbox Pro (http://outbox.pro).

Outbox Pro provides a complete, cloud-based communications solution allowing any group of people – conference speakers/ delegates; employees/contractors, and more – to publish social media content with centralized approval, tracking, and control.

Unified connectivity analytics dashboard Media Flow (http:// mediaflow.ac) also runs on UnificationEngine™. Media Flow provides insights into communications patterns across multiple channels over time.

Unified Inbox’s global solutions empower people, businesses, and things to simply communicate.

Q. Would you like to tell us a little about the capabilities of both companies and how they could be beneficial in case of a synergy? It will be best if you can shed some light on how the two companies complement each other in their abilities and mission.

A. Oviphone has created attractive, state of the art, full-featured smart devices (wearables) customized for specific markets and customer segments. Unified Inbox has created a platform (UnificationEngine™) that enables any IoT device to communicate on one or more different communications channels.

Unified Inbox gives Oviphone’s devices market-leading feature/ functionality to fulfill its mission of helping people through increasing quality of life through the use of smart technology, while Oviphone gives Unified Inbox an ideal platform to fulfill its mission of creating an Internet of Communications for the Internet of Things.

Q. Please talk a little about the vision behind this collaboration and what you plan to achieve together?

A. Integrating great hardware with great communications capabilities allows us to create life-changing new health, wellness, safety, and security products with each other. For example, specific innovative and cost-effective solutions will be created for when a child goes missing, a senior falls, and an animal gets sick.

Sample Use Case for Children

Your child goes missing at school. Did she just wander off, is she hurt, or worse? Would you rather wait until the next time the teacher takes attendance, or have the school and you be notified immediately?

Sample Use Case for Seniors

Your mother is getting older, and is fiercely independent. She refuses to move in with you, insisting on staying in her own home. She falls on the steps. Would you rather wait until someone notices or have emergency services be notified immediately?

Sample Use Case for Animals

You raise livestock, and you have a lot invested in your champion bull. Your vet only visits once a week.

Your bull gets sick, would you rather wait until the next vet visit, or be notified immediately that your animal is ill?

Q. Which areas/products will you be most focusing on with this collaboration and what type of application (business/consumer/ lifestyle/mobility etc.?) of your project do you expect?

A. We are focusing first on specific solutions for children, seniors, and animals. We anticipate solutions to be purchased in bulk (B2B) by schools, nursing and care centers, and animal centers.

Q. When can we expect to see a practical outcome of this collaboration?

A. We expect to see initial Oviphone powered by UnificationEngine™ solutions available for sale later this year.