Viva Bahrain to launch 4G LTE network

The new technology will make its debut in Bahrain City Centre starting from the 1st of January 2011.

“Delivering on our promise of bringing innovation and best services to the Kingdom of Bahrain, we have now introduced the LTE 4G technology to be available for the first time in the Kingdom of Bahrain,” said Ulaiyan Al Wetaid, CEO of Viva Bahrain.
The rollout of Viva’s LTE network update has already started in areas of Bahrain
“This is yet another example of Viva’s commitment in bringing to Bahrain the best and latest technologies in the world paired with the best rates and packages. Viva’s network has excelled in independent quality of service surveys by the TRA and we now take another step towards providing the best services for Bahrain,” said Al Wetaid
According to Viva, customers will be able to download movies in minutes, songs and photos in seconds as well as smoothly use apps, play online games, watch internet TV and get the latest news with the new LTE network.
The LTE network is also designed to enable businesses to maximise productivity.

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