VIVA celebrates the Humanitarian Amir

VIVA celebrates the Humanitarian AmirWith great pleasure and pride, VIVA announces that His Highness, Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, is the recipient of the United Nations Humanitarian Leader award and Kuwait was named Global Humanitarian Centre in recognition of their social and humanitarian contributions rendered to nations around the world.

Commenting on this acknowledgement, VIVA’s Chairman, Mr. Adel Mohamed El Roumi said: “VIVA’s family congratulates HH, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah for being recognized and named Humanitarian Leader by the United Nations. This comes as testament to his philanthropic work and dedication to help needy people of all races around the world. It is also a clear indication of his unwavering commitment to instilling generosity and cooperation as core social values. This reflects the altruism and principles of Kuwait and its people, as well as their passion for charitable and humanitarian work that has been passed down through the generations.”

Al Roumi stated that history bears witness to HH the Amir’s philanthropic activities and charitable contributions at both the local and international level. His humanity is demonstrated through the various initiatives he launched in support of poor and needy people. Under the Amir’s directives, many relief and humanitarian campaigns were organized regularly, reaffirming Kuwait’s conviction, along with its government and people, that extending a helping hand to the needy and victims of catastrophes in various parts of the world is a moral duty.

Chief Executive Officer Eng. Salman Bin Abdul Aziz Al-Badran congratulated HH the Amir for being named as Humanitarian Leader by the United Nations, and his role in the service of humanity and for peace and stability around the world. He is known for his charitable work and for the adoption of development projects for various countries which made him earn excellence in humanitarian causes and philanthropy.

Al-Badran added: “HH the Amir always strives to adopt humanitarian initiatives and national development projects reaffirming Kuwait’s cial responsibility towards humanity, adding a distinguished new dimension to the bright philanthropic image of Kuwait. This helped our great nation gain a prestigious position and great respect at the international scene thanks to the wisdom and acumen of the humanitarian Amir.”

Al-Badran concluded: “We are proud that HH the Amir was awarded this designation that makes each and every Kuwaiti proud, asking God almighty to grant him long life and success for the best and well-being of Kuwait and the whole world.”

The Amir will receive this honour today at the UN headquarters in New York in recognition of Kuwait’s humanitarian role at an event that will make each Kuwaiti and all Arabs proud.

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