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Warid International Roaming – A Step Ahead

Travelling overseas no longer means that you need to be out of contact with your loved ones at home. In this fast growing world of telecommunication, International roaming has evolved so rapidly that staying connected to your folks at home is no longer a problem; making and receiving calls, sending and receiving texts or images or even browsing the internet while travelling abroad are all blessings what International roaming has brought along. In this respect, Warid Telecom with the passage of time, has also broadened its horizons and extended its international roaming coverage from continents and oceans to the open skies.

Warid Telecom was among the first few operators in Pakistan to have commercially launched in-flight roaming with Aeromobile and OnAir. In-flight roaming provides Warid roamers with a safe and cost-effective way to use their mobile phones during their flights just as it’s done on ground. Further marine-time roaming has also given outbound roamers an opportunity to avail roaming facilities not only on land and air but also at sea.

In addition to this, the General Manager of Warid’s International Business and CS, Ms. Asma Khan recently quoted, “The current roaming market scenario is very different and is consistently varying from time to time. One has to stay up to date with new products, solutions and technologies that pave way to overcoming new roaming barriers. With regard to this, we at Warid have always been persistent in having our roamers covered with latest technologies, affordable rates and supreme quality voice routes”.

With growing roamers’ need to reach distances across the globe and keeping themselves connected to their friends and family back home, Warid has always been continuously striving to widen its international portfolio. Since then company managed to connect some 248 operators in 148 countries for 2G roaming followed by 163 operators in 102 countries for GPRS/Data roaming and the list of prepaid roaming operators and destinations is soaring high as well. With all this and more, Warid continues to stand out in providing the tailored services and solutions that allows its subscribers to stay connected with their nearest and dearest, anywhere in the world.

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