Wataniya Telecom launches I-Move-To service to new customers (Kuwait)

Wataniya has introduced the I-Move-To service for new customers. I-Move-To is a free service offered to all new Wataniya customers.

This service will help them inform their callers about their new mobile number with complete ease and control, and without missing any calls. It is easy to activate I-Move-To and new customers can use it even if their old number was a non-Wataniya number.

The only thing a customer needs to do to activate I-Move-To is send SUB IMT to 1443 from their new number, then dial **21* new Wataniya number# from their old line.

These simple commands will activate I-Move-To and every time someone calls the customer’s old number, the caller will hear a voice prompt informing them about the new number plus an SMS will be sent to them with the new Wataniya number as well.

The Wataniya customer will also receive an SMS informing them about the number that was trying to reach them. I-Move-To remains active for a full 90 days and customers can renew it if they wish.

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