Zain Group signs MoU with Samsung Electronics

Zain Group, a pioneer in mobile telecommunications in eight markets across the Middle East and North Africa, announces the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Samsung Electronics a leader in mobile technology and digital solutions, aimed at raising the two companies’ levels of cooperation. Working towards a framework agreement with Samsung, Zain Group will benefit from a closer relationship with Samsung Electronics, resulting in preferential and timely access to a wide range of the manufacturer’s devices, as well as input and support from Samsung Electronics in specific areas of Zain’s device marketing and retail execution activities.

Samsung Electronics has grown to become a leader in mobile technology, with its smartphone and tablet portfolios including the Samsung Galaxy S3 and Samsung Galaxy S4 proving to be extremely popular across all age groups and market segments.

The MoU with Zain means the two companies will be in a position to identify and exchange success factors across the markets in which Zain operates, reinforcing the operator’s ability to deliver Samsung’s latest devices, smartphones, tablets and cameras on the market in a timely and costeffective manner. Zain Group Chief Commercial Officer, Jawdat Dajani said: “For our customers, this agreement means they will have access to a wide array of Samsung products matched by very appealing and competitive plans.

This agreement with Samsung also showcases Zain Group’s drive to push economies of scale to the benefit of its operating companies.” Dajani added, “Samsung is a remarkable company that has been doing exceptionally well in the mobile device space in recent years. The popularity of their products across our markets is huge, and strengthening our relationship with them will be an added value to Zain on several levels.”

“We are pleased to partner with Zain Group. The future of this relationship is already proving to be fruitful. Samsung will work with Zain operators across the MENA region to provide state of the art products to its customers and we look forward to promoting it throughout the Zain markets,” said Abdel Karim Sawan, Regional Head of Corporate and Operator Sales at Samsung MENA Regional Head Quarters