Zain Kuwait offers ‘eeZee unlimited international SMS’

Zain Kuwait has introduced “eeZee unlimited international SMS”, its latest eeZee lines campaign that lets all prepaid customers make unlimited international texts to any destination from their eeZee line.

According to Zain, the service will definitely help the eeZee community, especially the expat community to keep in touch with their families. The launch of the campaign will see Zain adopt a new attitude to its valued customers, in particular those in the prepaid segment.

This package complements the recently launched Unlimited Packages by offering international SMS services for eeZee customers, by launching unlimited, low-cost, SMS packages to any international destinations.

A US$2.71 subscription allows the customer unlimited international SMS, for one day. Every customer selecting the US$10.85 subscription can enjoy these benefits for one week, while the US$32.57 allows unlimited usage for a month. To benefit from this offering, prepaid customers simply need to send a SMS containing the letter “T” to 999.

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